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• Invited Concept Article

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• First appeared as a preprint uploaded to Chemrxiv. Link

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• Industry collaboration

• First appeared as a preprint uploaded to Chemrxiv. Link


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• Invited feature article for ChemCommun's Emerging Investigators Collection 2023

• Highlighted as ChemCommun HOT article

• Highlighted on the cover

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• First appeared as a preprint uploaded to Chemrxiv. Link

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• Highlighted in the Most Popular Catalysis Collection 2023 Link

• First appeared as preprint uploaded to Chemrxiv. Link

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• Invited account for Cluster on Dispersion 

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• Highlighted as ChemSci pick of the week

• Highlighted as Chemical Science HOT article

• Highlighted in most popular 2022 physical and theoretical chemistry articles

• Highlighted on ChemSci Voices


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• Invited Submission For The “New Talents” Special Issue

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• Featured on the Front Cover of Organic Letters

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Prior to UBC

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• Highlighted as 2020 Chemical Science HOT Article

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• First appeared as preprint uploaded to Chemrxiv. Link 

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• Highlighted in Synfacts: Predictive Analysis to Expand the Heterocycle Scope of the Catalytic Asymmetric Minisci Reaction. Synfacts 2020, 16, 210.

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• Press release:
• Highlighted in News & Views: Norrby, P.-O.: Holistic models of reaction selectivity. Nature 2019, 571, 332-333.
• Selected as Nature’s weekly “Hot Topic”
• Featured in “The Medicine Maker” magazine

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• Highlighted in Synfacts: Atroposelective Cyclodehydration Enabled by Disparate Catalytic Scaffolds. Synfacts 2019, 15, 1055.

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• Highlighted as a JACS spotlight paper.
• 1 of 12 Editor’s Choice JACS papers of 2016.

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• Highlighted on the Organic Chemistry Portal.

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§Authors contributed equally

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